SIMStation Genuine

SIMStation Genuine

Video recording and debriefing of real clinical events – encrypted and anonymized!


Multi-View Video Capturing with the SIMStation Genuine Recording App

The video capture of SIMStation Genuine may be controlled manually by tapping on the touch screen, or via a schedule, or may be fully automated for 24/7 coverage. Multiple video inputs, such as USB cameras, IP network cameras, and medical image capturing devices, can be recorded simultaneously. By design, the SIMStation Genuine Interface shows a timer indicating the elapsed time since the start of the recording, which is an expedient feature very reasonable for use in emergency situations.
The Recording App settings screen is only accessible to authorized users.
It provides a live preview of each connected video source and allows manual defining of the viewing angle and viewframe of each video input. Furthermore, automated video deletion of videos can be configured, and different levels of security and anonymization can be defined, depending on the hospital's policy and requirements.

Immediate and secured review with the SIMStation Genuine Player App

The secured SIMStation Genuine Player App is installed directly on the USB flash drive. After entering their credentials, authorized users can access the list of anonymized recordings and select them them for playback. The videos are decrypted by the Player App in real time. Beyond the video playback controls, the App features additional functions for bookmarking, annotation and tagging of the videos for the purpose of video debriefings or scientific analysis. Finally, videos can be safely deleted or alternatively exported in an unencrypted standard video format.

How does SIMStation Genuine protect privacy?

Capturing real patient care provides tremendous possibilities for quality improvement in patient care, continuous learning of medical teams, and patient safety measures. At the same time, legitimate privacy interests and legal concerns, both of patients and medical professionals, must be considered when real patient care is being filmed.


SIMStation Genuine provides a range of features to comply with legal requirements:

  1. Recording is activated only when the timer is intentionally started.
  2. All recordings are highly encrypted and cannot be viewed with other tools other than the secure and password protected SIMStation Genuine Player.
  3. All recordings are anonymized with random creation time and random ID’s by default.
  1. Automated deletion of recordings can be configured according to hospital’s policy.
  2. The viewframe and the viewing angle of the video can be adjusted in the software, to ensure privacy of uninvolved persons.

Critical Action Recording and Review – simplified!

Step 1 Record on the encrypted USB drive

By simply tapping on the SIMStation Genuine touchscreen, the recording of all connected audio and video inputs starts synchronously. During the recording, the touchscreen shows the elapsed time on a highly visible timer, which is a useful feature in every critical emergency situation, such as resuscitations or newborn care procedures. The data are saved on the encrypted USB flash drive.

Step 2 Decrypt and Review

The portable USB flash drive, which holds the encrypted recordings, can be plugged into any Windows® enabled computer. The password protected SIMStation Genuine Player Software is hosted on the USB drive. Immediately after entering the password, the videos can be reviewed to support a clinical event debriefing. After review, videos can be deleted, or tagged and exported for archiving.

SIMStation Genuine Fields of Application:

Camera recording and review of real patient care can be used to improve team performance, to train for rarely happening situations in patient care, or to use recordings and video review to identify and fix patient safety issues.

Typical installation locations of SIMStation Genuine include

  • Neonatal resuscitation bays
  • PICU and ICU wards
  • Operating theatres
  • Emergency Rooms
  • Outpatient clinic areas
  • Psychiatric clinics
  • Ambulance cars

SIMStation Genuine components

Resistive Touchscreen PC Differently from most touch enabled devices, the SIMStation Genuine PC has a resistive touchscreen, which can be operated with gloved fingers – ideal for use in clinical environments.

High Resolution USB-Camera The USB connected camera captures every detail in full-HD 1080p resolution. The two microphones, one on either side of the camera, capture natural sound stereo audio.

Encrypted USB Flash Drive Each SIMStation Genuine includes two high-performance USB flash drives. The recordings and meta-data are stored in an encrypted form and protected from unauthorized access.

SIMStation Genuine Add-ons

Resistive Touchscreen PC Equipped with a 30× zoom and autofocus. The control of the camera is fully integrated into the SIMStation Recording Software.

HD Video Capture Device SIMStation Genuine can synchronously capture medical devices, such as patient monitors or laboroscopic devices.

Debriefing Laptop A secured laptop for the review, debriefing and archiving of the captured recordings.

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