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SIMStation Essential has established itself in the market as the most convincing high-end solution in ultra-compact recording and debriefing for medical simulation training. With the next generation of the product line, the ultra-compact SIMStation Essential now sets new standards once again. Numerous hardware and software upgrades as well as the versatile system structure ensure that the proven system advantages have been strengthened and expanded. The special highlight of the new generation: SIMStation Essential is equipped with the new SIMStation Software 6.0 and is therefore fully compatible with the other SIMStation product lines.

Ultra-Compact System

The SIMStation Essential is a complete simulation system that covers all elements of a professional simulation training. Thanks to the ultra-compact system principle and the space-efficient design, both ultra-mobile applications and fixed installations can be easily implemented.


The ultra-compact SIMStation Essential features a perfectly balanced combination of hardware and software. The turnkey solution is fully operational right from the start and impresses with its simple, extremely flexible design and intuitive, user-friendly handling.

High-End Technology

The camera and microphone equipment used consists exclusively of premium products from brand manufacturers. The convincing result: sharp images in full HD, clear sound thanks to Dante® audio technology and excellent transmission quality.

Software Functionality

SIMStation Essential is operated with the latest SIMStation Software version and supports all basic features. Advanced features such as Scenario Designer or Media Screen Control can be activated at any time with a SIMStation Software upgrade.

SIMStation Essential: The Ultra-Compact System

As a balanced overall package, the SIMStation Essential meets all the requirements of an ultra-compact AV simulation system. In contrast to conventional ultra-compact systems from other suppliers, the SIMStation Essential product line combines perfect AV quality, flexible mobility, and extensive software functionality. The essential elements of professional simulation training – simulation, control, and debriefing – are fully covered and can be assigned to separate rooms. In addition, the system structure can be usefully supplemented by a live transmission of the simulation training to the debriefing room.

The SIMStation Essential can be easily transported in two robust aluminum trolleys but can also be integrated as a fixed installation without any problems. This implementation diversity based on the ultra-compact system principle and the impressive functional range enable countless application possibilities – while maintaining intuitive usability. The SIMStation Essential is the ultra-compact system solution for all medical simulation trainings that requires maximum flexibility and full functionality.

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Application Possibilities

The ultra-compact benefits, simplicity of use, and versatile implementation forms make SIMStation Essential the perfect choice for many forms of video-based simulation training:

  • Mobile in-situ trainings in authentic working environment
  • Simulation trainings with simple structure and small teams
  • Simulation trainings that are flexible in terms of time/space
  • Simulation trainings in locations with difficult spatial conditions (outdoor areas, ambulances, etc.)

With all its features, the SIMStation Essential Gen2 can be used especially for preclinical/clinical skills training, stationary in-situ simulations, but also for mobile training sessions of aid organizations and disaster control. The ultra-compact construction principle and the space-efficient design also enable video-based simulation training that can otherwise hardly or not be operated due to the space properties – in terms of acoustics, perspective, and space: e.g., simulation training in ambulances or outdoor areas. Furthermore, thanks to its software compatibility, the SIMStation Essential Gen2 can even be coupled with SIMStation Enterprise systems and thus serve, for example, as an ultra-mobile component in the larger infrastructures of a simulation center.

Audio & Video Technology

Perfect recording and transmission quality requires the use of high-quality audio and video technology. Therefore, as with all SIMStation product lines, only high-end components from brand manufacturers such as Axis, Sennheiser and Audio Technica are integrated into the SIMStation Essential:

  • up to 3 high-quality IP cameras, which can be flexibly attached using separate camera mounts and easily controlled via the SIMStation Software
  • 1 high-quality room microphone, which is detached from the camera and positioned directly near the simulation scene
  • 3 IP speakers with Dante® technology, allowing public announcements from the control room to the simulation room ("audio to room") as well as audio transmission from the simulation room to the control room and/or transmission/debriefing room

Thanks to the scalability of the system, the hardware equipment of the SIMStation Essential Gen2 can be easily expanded. The SIMStation Simulation Unit has enough ports to easily integrate a media screen and/or a Patient-Monitor Capture-Device into the system.

Would you like to learn more about the high-end technology used? Then you will find a lot of useful information at Hardware.

SIMStation Software 6.0

SIMStation Essential supports the latest version of SIMStation Software. All relevant functions are already integrated in the basic software packages and enable the implementation and control of a wide range of simply structured simulation trainings. An optional upgrade to the extended software package for the SIMStation Essential is possible at any time. The upgrade activates additional features such as Scenario Designer or Media Screen Control, giving users more options in terms of control and scenario design. For more information on the new SIMStation Software and its functions, please also see Software.

System Components

The SIMStation Essential is a completely network-based system. The intelligent linking of the system – as well as the power supply to all AV components – is carried out via the Ethernet ports integrated in the SIMStation Units. To enable the widest possible range of applications, immense importance was attached to efficiency in the cabling: For example, only a single cable is required between each SIMStation Unit. This space-efficient design ensures that the AV equipment remains discreetly in the background, thereby supporting the authentic character of the simulation scenario. Another benefit: SIMStation Essential is a scalable system. The actual AV equipment can be individually adapted to customer requirements.

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