AV Systems

https://cms.simstation.comSIMStation Enterprise

SIMStation Enterprise


  • The ultimate AV system for all simulation, training & learning centres

  • A server-based solution with freely configurable, modular principle

  • Free number of simulation, control, transmission & debriefing units

  • Can be equipped with an unlimited number of audio & video devices, computers & tablets

https://cms.simstation.comSIMStation Recording Unit

SIMStation Pro


  • A simulation center in transport boxes with simple, fast set-up options

  • A functionally powerful overall system that is highly scalable if desired

  • Suitable for mobile simulation, but can also be implemented as a fixed installation

  • Easy handling, intuitive operation, professional results

https://cms.simstation.comProducts Kachel SIMStation Enterprise

SIMStation Essential


  • An ultra-compact system with full recording and debriefing functionality

  • Perfect for flexible simulation training with simple set-up and small teams

  • A highly mobile system thanks to handy wheeled cases, ready for immediate use

  • Operated with a customized software package – expandable on request

https://cms.simstation.comProducts Kachel SIMStation Go

SIMStation Go


  • The ultra-mobile AV system solution for professional simulation

  • Perfect for in-situ training and as installation in emergency vehicles

  • The system can be transported in 1 case and operated by 1 person

  • Minimal cabling thanks to WIFI 6, maximum application possibilities