Integration & Setup

A professional video-enhanced simulation system requires excellent AV hardware and perfectly matched software. These basic technical requirements are essential in order to be able to realize the objectives linked to it, such as transparent evaluation, process optimization and quality improvement.

However, the actual added value and long-term profit of a AV system for simulation requires one thing above all: practical application. Therefore, a clear focus of SIMStation is to enable users to quickly and easily apply the simulation in practice. In addition to high-end technical equipment, this therefore also includes the integration and installation of the simulation system, training in its use and long-term customer support.

Consulting & Planning

SIMStation's work begins with the process of consulting. Together with the customer, clear goals, structures & conditions are defined in order to subsequently enable a reasonable planning of the suitable simulation system. Consulting & planning therefore must be seen as the absolute premise for customized simulation solutions.

Installation & Integration

More complex AV systems such as SIMStation Enterprise are integrated, implemented and installed by SIMStation directly on site at the customer's premises into the existing - technical, systemic and architectural - structures. The result is a simulation system that adapts perfectly to the existing conditions and is already fully operational.

Fine Tuning & Training

To guarantee the best possible results, the experts take care of the fine-tuning of hardware & software on site. At the same time, the users are already trained in all technical aspects of operation in order to be able to handle and use them optimally on their own.

Support & Maintenance

If users have any questions, requests or problems, the SIMStation support team is available at all times. From consulting & error analysis to updates via remote maintenance, users can always rely on the competence and support of a team of experts. At SIMStation short-term implementation goes hand in hand with long-term support.

The User Perspective

Simulations lead to meaningful insights and process optimizations if they are performed professionally by the users. For this, the simulation system must be understood and, above all, correctly applied. The technical side of a simulation system therefore must be complemented with the human side of the user. Only if the actual user knows how to utilize the technical possibilities in practice the simulation system can unfold its full value. That is why the user's perspective is elementary for SIMStation. The understanding and relevance of this perspective creates the conditions to develop individual simulation solutions and also enables the optimal application of them.


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The Stages of Implementation

The actual implementation takes place in individual stages that are usually linked to each another. Each step is carried out in close coordination with the users in order to be able to realize a perfectly customized solution.

Consulting & Planning

  • Preliminary-Check on site
  • Definition of objectives and needs
  • Architectural & technical preconditions
  • Personnel & team-related structures
  • Determination of the suitable package
  • Definition of the project goals/scheduling plan



Installation & Integration

  • Setup of the complete hardware
  • Wiring, connections & interfaces
  • Installation & adaptation of the software
  • Connection to existing networks
  • Test of the system including fine tuning
  • System commissioning

Training & Support

  • Trainings and workshops
  • Long-term customer support
  • On-site or remote system maintenance
  • Regular software updates
  • Consulting for further development