Making a Difference Together

SIMStation, a vibrant team with diverse talents, shares a deep enthusiasm for healthcare simulation. Recognizing the social relevance of the health sector, we aim to contribute to its improvement by providing the best education and training conditions for medical professionals. Join us in making a meaningful impact on patient safety and shaping a positive future in healthcare. Be part of our team, where together, we make a difference.

Your New Job

As a constantly growing company, we are always looking for experts to join our team. From project planning and sales to development and support, you will always find a wide range of job opportunities that give you the chance to use your skills and passions in a dynamic and growing industry.

Our Team Culture

For us, a team is not an empty concept, but a question of culture. Each of our employees brings unique talents and perspectives with them. These individual skills need a lively and creative environment to develop freely: the team. For us, team means diversity. It means creating an environment where you feel comfortable as an individual and cohesive as a group.

Benefits and Goodies

We foster a collaborative and inclusive environment where your contributions are valued, and growth opportunities are encouraged. Enjoy a central office with spacious workspaces, complimentary fruit, coffee, tea, and affordable lunch options prepared by an Italian chef. And prioritize work-life balance thanks to flexible hours and the option for remote work.

Unleash Your Potential

We value long-term collaboration and prioritize shared growth. Explore new goals with time and space for skill development. Benefit from annual investments in training, seminars, and coaching. And consider global opportunities, like our new US office, for your career advancement. Join our diverse team where innovation is celebrated, and your professional journey is supported every step of the way.