Fair Trades, Events, and Conferences

Embark on an immersive journey with SIMStation! Join us at various events and conferences listed below, where you can witness the power of SIMStation live. Don't miss the chance to experience cutting-edge simulation technology firsthand!

SimOps 2024
Aurora, CO (USA)
17 - 19 July 2024

The SimOps conference, hosted by the Society for Simulation in Healthcare, is a highlight of the industry that we certainly won't miss. And for you, it's the perfect opportunity to witness the latest innovations from SIMStation live in action. The special highlight: Our workshop The Simulation Technician Educational Matrix. Be sure to stop by!

Indianapolis, Indiana (USA)
06 - 09 August 2024

This year, we're not only showcasing our expertise with our own booth at SimGHOSTS, but also hosting a workshop, offering a deep dive into the world of simulation technology. Don't miss out on this invaluable experience!

Pittsburgh, PA (USA)
12 - 17 August 2024

This conference is dedicated to emergency medicine education. Join us as we present the latest developments and pioneering SIMStation approaches for EMS training. Be part of shaping the future of emergency medicine with us.