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SIMStation is the market leader in the field of mobile AV systems for video-based simulation training. With SIMStation Go, we are now redefining mobility once again. State-of-the-art technology allows you to record, control and analyze your training with unprecedented freedom. Discover the advantages of this powerful yet amazingly compact recording and debriefing system that will accompany you in all your simulations from now on. SIMStation Go: the first step towards your simulation progress.

Ultra-Mobile System

The SIMStation Go fits into a handy case that you can take anywhere. The entire system can be transported, set up and operated by one single person. This flexibility makes the SIMStation Go the perfect choice for all simulations that need to be carried out by a few people in a brief time.

Minimal Cabling

The SIMStation Go uses state-of-the-art Wi-Fi 6 technologies to reduce cabling to an absolute minimum. All input and control devices as well as transmission displays can be used via Wi-Fi. Both the control and the transmission and debriefing areas are virtually wireless.

Flexible Application

The ultra-mobile and wireless advantages of the SIMStation Go open numerous application possibilities. In-situ operations in isolated and spatially limited areas are particularly easy to implement with the SIMStation Go. For instance, integration into active emergency vehicles.

Full Compatibility

SIMStation Go can be used as a completely stand-alone system. As an ultra-mobile extension, SIMStation Go can also be seamlessly integrated into your SIMStation Enterprise system. In addition, numerous integrated interfaces enable easy linking with other devices, systems, and technologies.

SIMStation Go – Simulation Calls for Ultra-Mobility

The SIMStation Go is the lightweight among the SIMStation product lines: slim, fast, and extremely powerful. The entire system can be transported and set up by one single person in just a few minutes. Once set up, the software applications guide you intuitively through the handling of the system. After just a short training session, you can immediately start recording and debriefing your simulation sessions.

Unleashing Simulation with Wi-Fi 6 Technology

The SIMStation Go is not only compact and easily transportable, but also allows you to set up ultra-mobile simulation areas by using the latest Wi-Fi 6 technologies. Integrated Wi-Fi access points enable the use of Wi-Fi based devices both in the simulation room (e.g., Wi-Fi cameras or wireless media screens) and in the control and debriefing area (wireless displays and input devices). You benefit from a near-cable-free simulation setup that gives you entirely new application freedom. With all these possibilities, the SIMStation Go represents a paradigm shift in video-based simulation. The implementation of innovative Wi-Fi standards realizes wireless audio and video transmission with low latency for the first time. The convincing result: superior transmission quality that is as stable and fast as wired solutions.

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Simulation Goes In-Situ

With all its ultra-mobile advantages, the SIMStation Go offers you a wide range of uses. The system adapts perfectly to any training environment and can be expanded with optional add-ons depending on learning and training objectives. This makes the SIMStation Go perfect for preclinical and clinical in situ scenarios. The system can be quickly and easily moved to the desired room at any time and easily integrated into the existing premises there. In just a few minutes, you can turn any of your rooms into a training space. The near-cable-free design supports an immersive training experience for participants and allows instructors to control and annotate the simulation remotely in real time.

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On the Road: The Ambulance Setup

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Another area of application for which the SIMStation Go is tailor-made is ambulance simulation. Large parts of the AV system can easily be pre-integrated into active emergency vehicles. The network structure with all connections disappears completely behind the interior paneling of the rescue cabin, while the AV components are simply fixed in the interior by means of magnetic brackets in just a few simple steps. This concept has two major advantages: Since the entire cabling runs behind the interior paneling of the cabin, the active use of the rescue vehicles is not disturbed in any way after removal of the mobile AV components. Furthermore, after dismantling, these AV components can also be installed in other rescue vehicles with an existing network structure without any problems. With only a few conversions, all your active emergency vehicles can thus become a fleet of simulation rescue vehicles.

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