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In the SIMStation blog, we keep you up to date with the latest knowledge on professional AV simulation and many related topics. Of course, you will also learn a lot of interesting facts about SIMStation products, technical backgrounds and concrete application examples. All blog articles are top researched and at the same time presented in a simple and understandable way.


Annotations: Or How to Make the Most Out of Your Video Debriefing

Explore how annotations in video-supported simulations can revolutionize your debriefing process and boost the effectiveness of your training sessions.

https://cms.simstation.comBlog Kachel Technical Setup for Live Streams and Webinars

Technical Setup for Live Streams & Webinars

With a SIMStation AV system, you already have an excellent technical basis for the development of diverse streaming formats as well as for the production of recordings for educational films.

https://cms.simstation.comBlog Kachel New Straming Formats of Video-Based Simulation

New Streaming Formats of Video-Based Simulation

How can AV-based simulation help sustain academic and medical education and training in times of a pandemic? Find out in our latest blog post!

https://cms.simstation.comBlog Kachel The All New SMStation

The All New SIMStation – Part 2: The SIMStation Pro Gen2

Would you like to get a first glimpse of the next generation of our product lines? Here you go! With SIMStation Pro Gen2, the proven concept of SIMStation Pro has been further developed and enhanced with numerous functions and features.

https://cms.simstation.comBlog Kachel The All New SMStation Basic

The All New SIMStation – The Basic Idea

Sometimes ideas arise that outgrow themselves. A year ago, when we were contemplating an entrepreneurial reinvention with the idea of the All New SIMStation, it was difficult for us to foresee how many levels this innovation process would encompass ...

https://cms.simstation.comBlog Kachel The All New SMStation Part1

The All New SIMStation - Part 1: New Headquarters

Indeed, 2020 was a challenge. A difficult challenge. But it gave us as a company many impulses to rethink, to reinvent ourselves. An apparent manifestation of this renewal process took place on a spatial level: in form of the brand-new SIMStation headquarters.