SIMStation Success Stories

Success stories are always most exciting when you can experience them first-hand. At this point you can therefore get a concrete idea about some of our best practice examples; outstanding projects that we have selected particularly in view of their relevance to current market topics. In addition we want to answer two questions in particular:

  • What was the particular challenge in each individual case?
  • How could SIMStation turn this challenge into a success story?
https://cms.simstation.comSuccess Stories Kachel Kufstein

Fit for the Ward – Simulation Training at Pflege Campus Kufstein

Explore how simulation training with a mobile SIMStation Pro can effectively support the transition from nursing education to the practical professional environment.


Ready for Take Off – The Flight Simulator for Team Training

Flight simulators are not only used by pilots. At least at the Viennese company AssekuRisk. There, teams far away from aviation can also use flight simulations to improve teamwork.

https://cms.simstation.comSuccess Stories Kachel Masaryk

SIMU – The Simulation Centre of Masaryk University

A fully equipped hospital without real patients? Welcome to SIMU – a unique simulation center in Europe, where medical students are prepared for everyday working life by means of simulation.

https://cms.simstation.comSuccess Stories Kachel MA 70 Rettung EMS Vienna

Simulation Ambulances of The EMS Vienna

In addition to active operation, 18 new rescue vehicles of EMS Vienna (=Emergency Medical Services) can be used for video-based simulation training at any time.

https://cms.simstation.comSIMStation REcording Unit BayZbE

Disaster Control Simulation Training at the BayZBE

The Bavarian Centre for Special Operations in Windischeschenbach uses video-based simulations to prepare emergency forces for real-life scenarios.

https://cms.simstation.comSuccess Stories Kachel SIMCharacters In Situ

SIMCharacters In-Situ Simulation

Dr Jens Schwindt is one of the renowned international authorities in pediatrics & neonatology and was as expert in the field of healthcare simulation significantly involved in the founding of SIMStation.

https://cms.simstation.comSuccess Stories Kachel UTHealth Texas Level 3

SIMStation Distributor Level3 Wins Prestigious Commercial Integrator Award

Level 3 Audiovisual Overcomes Technical Challenges to Build the Largest Simulation Center within the University of Texas Health Organization.

https://cms.simstation.comSuccess Stories Kachel Scuol Training

AV Simulation Training at Ospidal Scuol

A TV report about the successful implementation of simulation in the everyday professional life of medical professionals.

https://cms.simstation.comSuccess Stories Kachel Slupsk

Pomeranian University in Słupsk

The combination of completely customized AV System and local distributor/service partner could finally convince the customer.