At SIMStation, our focus is on unconditional customer orientation. Our mission is to develop solutions that simplify your everyday life in the field of simulation. SIMStation systems are developed by experts but are always at the service of users. Customer feedback helps us to continuously improve our products and offer customized solutions that are tailored to your individual needs. That is why it is crucial to us to give a voice to those who are essential: the customers.

KAGes – Styrian Hospital Association



Mag. Alfred Meißl
Commercial Management/Team Leader Simulation Center
Image rights: © Kanizaj

"The mobile AV systems from SIMStation are an indispensable tool for our simulation center. The user-friendliness and excellent image and sound quality support the effective training and continuous improvement of our staff. Another advantage: thanks to their high mobility, we can use the two systems not only very flexibly in the simulation center but also for in-situ training at our 20 other locations in Styria. We are very satisfied with our decision to choose SIMStation."




Eva Mircic
Institute Director of Health and Nursing Care

"SIMStation has profoundly transformed our Bachelor's program in Health and Nursing Care at FH JOANNEUM Graz. The innovative simulation solutions provide our students with practical and sustainable learning experiences, preparing them optimally for various settings. Thanks to SIMStation, we can maintain the quality of our education at a new level and support our students to the fullest extent."

Malteser Training Center HRS



Dirk Biersbach
Team Leader CME / Simulation

"Simulation has always played a crucial role in the Malteser Training Center. But with SIMStation's recording and debriefing systems, we have been able to take our training to a whole new level. Thanks to the adaptability of the Pro systems, simulation scenarios can be realized that optimally meet our specific requirements and needs. The easy handling of the systems enables a smooth application without the need for extensive software training. With SIMStation, we have found the ideal solution to successfully implement our simulation programs and to achieve a sustainable learning effect with the trainees."

Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences


Ari-Pekka Åker
Head of Simulation Learning Environment

"SIMStation's solution is by far the most functional and easy-to-use simulation software on the market. In particular the excellent sound quality enables successful and pleasant simulation exercises."

Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, Finland’s largest university of applied sciences, educates future professionals in the fields of Business, Culture, Health Care and Social Services, and Technology. Metropolia is a community of 16,200 students and more than 1,000 experts.

BG Klinikum Unfallkrankenhaus Berlin



Erik Haucke
Head of Training and Faculty Development
Emergency Training Center

"At the Center for Emergency Training at BG Klinikum Unfallkrankenhaus Berlin, we have been using the full range of SIMStation systems for video-assisted simulation training for many years, from the mobile Essential and Pro to the server-based Enterprise. Our goal is to provide the best possible technical support with the highest reliability for our education and training activities. By choosing a single vendor, we can seamlessly switch between different SIMStation systems and benefit from their optimal integration into our structures. This broad range of deployment options enables us to cover a wide variety of simulation scenarios and provide training participants with an immersive and realistic training experience."

BayZBE – Bavarian Center for Special Operations


Testimonial Port BayZBE Daniel Proebstl
Daniel Pröbstl
Managing Director of the BayZBE

"With SIMStation, we are united by the common goal of constantly improving and developing the application possibilities of simulations - and thus the added value and practical benefit for the participants. The cooperation, which started as a predefined, time-limited project, has turned into a long-term partnership over the years. SIMStation's integrated approach has shown us that we have found a reliable partner in SIMStation - from consulting and planning to implementation and support - who will continue to stand by us in all aspects of our versatile simulation center in the future."

EMS Vienna

Logo Berufsrettung Wien.png

Testimonial PORT MA70 Michael Girsa
Michael Girsa, MBA
Head of the Department of Education and Training of EMS Vienna

“The ambulances equipped with the mobile SIMStation system provide us with completely new perspectives in the training and education of our staff as well as in quality assurance and performance checks.”

Bavarian Red Cross – Swabia District Association Simulation Center

Testimonial Logo BRK Schwabmuenchen

Testimonial PORT BRK Schwabmünchen Philipp Eschenlohr
Philipp Eschenlohr
Stv. Ressortleiter Personalentwicklung Rettungsdienst

"The cooperation with SIMStation, the world market leader in recording and debriefing systems for simulation, has proven to be indispensable for our simulation center in Schwabmünchen. Due to the high latency-free audio and video quality of the SIMStation systems, we capture even the finest details and guarantee an immersive simulation environment for the participants. This enables us to optimally develop the skills of our colleagues – a significant contribution to improving the efficiency and safety of our rescue service. Such a highly technical and complex professional system requires short support response times. Here, too, SIMStation convinces with an unprecedented level of customer service that leaves every market competitor far behind. !"

Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich – Medical Faculty

Testimonial Logo MED-UNI München

Testimonial PORT MED-Uni München Marc Lazarovici
Marc Lazarovici
Simulation Center Manager

"Simulation plays an essential role in medical quality assurance and medical management, but also in testing procedures and new medical devices. SIMStation's recording and debriefing systems enable us to record and analyze every training session and every text with a quality and level of detail that is unique in the market. The resulting information is invaluable for continuously improving processes, minimizing errors, and ensuring optimal patient care. SIMStation is an indispensable partner for us, helping us to use simulation at the highest level, to train our medical staff in the best viable way and to conduct meaningful studies."

Le CGDIS – Institut National de Formation des Secours

Testimonial Logo Institut National de Formation des Secours

Testimonial PORT Institut National de Formation des Secours Steve Mack
Steve Mack

"As the National Training Institute of the Emergency Services in Luxembourg, we have worked with several AV providers for recording and debriefing simulation training. However, no other vendor has impressed us as much as SIMStation. With state-of-the-art technology and a dedicated team, SIMStation provided us with an exceptional solution that exceeded our expectations. The continued support and development of the systems have made our collaboration with SIMStation an enriching experience."


Testimonial Logo SIMCharacters

Testimonial PORT SIMCharacters Jens Schwind
Dr. Jens-Christian Schwindt
Specialist in Pediatrics and Consultant Neonatologist
CEO SIMCharacters Training GmbH

"For many years I have been involved in 'train the trainer' courses as a simulation trainer and have worked with numerous audio-video debriefing systems. During this time, I wasn't convinced by any system. In my search for the perfect AV system, I came in contact with the SIMStation team. While developing the debriefing system, they observed hours of our training and experienced in person the challenges that simulation trainers experience. All of these challenges were incorporated into the development of SIMStation, to create the perfect debriefing system. The excellent mobility, compactness and robustness, the outstanding video and sound quality and the unique intuitive control make this the best system on the market in my opinion."


Testimonial Logo DeWidong

Testimonial PORT DeWidong Daniel Wintersdorf
Daniel Wintersdorf

"As a long-time user of SIMStation Software, I am convinced that this simulation solution is the most outstanding on the market. From planning and preparation to training and follow-up, the software covers all aspects of simulation. Despite its impressive performance, the software is surprisingly easy to use, which makes our daily work easier and more efficient. In general, SIMStation shows a strong commitment to understanding our needs and developing the software accordingly. As a result, we always have access to the latest innovations and can continuously optimize our simulations."

AssekuRisk Safety Management

Testimonial Logo AssekuRisk

AssekuRisk_Hans Härting.JPG
Capt. Hans Härting

"Our flight simulator training for teams and leaders is an unforgettable experience for the participants. Especially since we can confront the participants with their own behavior because we can record them from 3 perspectives with our SIMStation system. And all this in first-class audio and video quality, with time markers for the relevant behavioral markers. Simply great. This makes training really fun for trainers, too! The support of SIMStation is also first class – just like the product itself!"

UT Health Houston – Cizik School of Nursing

Testimonial Logo UT Health Houston Cizik School of Nursing

Testimonial PORT  Houston Cizik School of Nursing Eric Christensen
Eric Christensen
Director, Simulation and Clinical Performance Lab

"We’re better able to meet the needs of our students through the use of technology and through the use of learning modalities that we can incorporate much better than we used to. We can handle more students than we used to be able to. It really did become an easy choice. Level 3 Audiovisual and SIMStation were by far the easiest to work with and the easiest system to use. It was very important to me to have an AV installer that understood what the needs of a simulation lab were."

Pflege Campus Kufstein

Testimonial Logo Pflege Campus Kufstein

Testimonial PORT Pflege Campus Kufstein Markus Zott
Markus Zott
Nursing-Pedagogical Management Simulation Center KUFSIM

"During our planning phase, we looked intensively at various AV systems and visited other simulation centers to find the right AV system for us. With SIMStation Pro Gen2, we found the ideal product for conducting training in the simulation center as well as in-situ training. Above all, the professional support and service speak for SIMStation in addition to the product."

University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire (UHCW)

Testimonial Logo UHCW

Testimonial Port UHCW Rob Hunter
Rob Hunter
Simulation Specialist

"This company has to be one of a few that gives 100% customer care and puts you first all the time despite the distance. Any issue we've had have been dealt with making sure our valuable time is spent on teaching. If you are looking for a user friendly AV/Simulation system then SIMStation is really worth checking out."

Pomeranian University in Słupsk

Testimonial Logo Slupsk

Mcs Blazej Andrejanczyk
Lecturer in Paramedics

“The best audio-video product for debriefing ever. I know, that it sounds like phrase for advertisement, but in our Simulation Center we have two others debriefing systems and SIMStation is our favorite. Why? Its very simply to use, fast and works stable. One button pressed and it’s ready to use, you don’t need to wait long or set same parameter."