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SIMStation Pro

SIMStation Pro is the most comprehensive portable AV system for professional recordings and video-assisted debriefings. It convincingly combines the advantages of flexible application possibilities with an impressive range of functions and mobility.

With the SIMStation Pro compact, quickly designed simulation scenarios can be implemented just as easily as more extensive simulation set-ups. Numerous interfaces also ensure the possibility of direct connection to even more complex simulation systems. In combination with the premium quality of the high-end technology and the perfectly matched software package, the SIMStation Pro thus ensures amazing simulation results.

Ready-to-Use System

As a compact package – with complete pre-configured hardware & software – SIMStation Pro is a fully self-sufficient system that is immediately ready for use and includes separate simulation, control & debriefing units. Just Plug-and-Simulate.

Perfect Audio Quality

Professional Audio DSP (Digital Signal Processing) – such as Acoustic Echo Cancelling (AEC), Automated Gain Control (AGC), Background Noise Cancelling and Equalizer – as well as the premium video quality ensure excellent recording and transmission quality.

Full Functionality

SIMStation Pro features a specially tailored package of the latest SIMStation Software and, despite its impressive range of functions, is quick, intuitive and easy to operate. SIMStation Pro: Professional results need no special technical know-how.

Flexible Applications

Due to the transportable boxes, the SIMStation Pro is fully mobile and can be set up very quickly. The simulation system can also be permanently installed – optionally with functional extensions such as the SIMStation AudioPlus Unit.

High Demands, Perfect Results

The demands on professional simulation systems are manifold. Perfect AV quality, controllable and measurable results as well as a simulation set-up that is at best invisible to the participants – SIMStation Pro meets these important quality demands in every respect and also impresses with its convincing ease of use. The simulation, control and debriefing units are fully operational in just a few minutes; a network cable between the separately running units is fully sufficient to connect them with each other. In combination with the feature-rich software and numerous expansion options, there are almost no limits to the possible applications in the professional simulation field.

The SIMStation Pro Concept

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Application Possibilities

The complex combination of premium technology, innovative software and full mobility allows the SIMStation Pro to be used in a wide range of areas and situations:

  • As in-situ training in flexible contexts,
  • as a permanently fixed installation in stationary areas,
  • as a (mobile) supplement to the SIMStation Enterprise.

SIMStation Pro can be functionally expanded with the help of numerous add-ons and additional functions. This basic modular principle ensures that the SIMStation Pro can be adapted precisely to the needs and requirements of the user and that there are hardly any limits to the possible applications. From preclinical and clinical areas to academic teaching and medical training, you can easily implement an impressively wide range of simulation scenarios in a variety of contexts.


High-End Technology


The professional results of SIMStation Pro are based on state-of-the-art audio and video technology. All AV components – cameras, microphones, speakers, media screens and many more – come from premium manufacturers and can be easily controlled by the SIMStation Software. A special highlight of the SIMStation Pro is the use of Dante® network audio technology. This new standard enables the integration of many audio optimisation functions such as Acoustic Echo Cancelling, Background Noise Cancelling and much more. The result: crystal clear recording and transmission quality even in challenging acoustic conditions.

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