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Software Solutions

At the heart of our AV systems for video-based simulation training is the SIMStation Software. This powerful software allows you to easily prepare, control and analyze your simulation training. As an open operating system, the SIMStation Software is a customized solution. From the functional scope of your software package to the variable user interface, all aspects of the SIMStation Software can be customized to your needs. This customer-oriented approach is reflected in the usability of the software. Despite the impressive range of functions, the SIMStation Software is intuitively understandable and easy to use. The SIMStation Software is a solution for users – after a short training session, you can get started straight away.


We know that managing a simulation center can be challenging. That's why we have developed a flexible software solution that can cover all phases of a simulation, from basic recording and debriefing to more complex event and user management. Depending on your needs and objectives, you can fully customize your software package.


The use of the SIMStation software does not require any prior technical knowledge. The intuitive user interface of the individual SIMStation applications guides you step by step through the phases of your training and supports you in optimizing the learning success of your training sessions. Your big advantage: You achieve outstanding results with only minimal effort.

100 % Flexibility

The SIMStation Software is a scalable solution. All our AV systems have customized software packages that can be easily expanded to include additional functions. The user interface also shows an extremely flexible side: Take advantage of this freedom and simply create your individual workplace.

All-Round Support

From in-depth online training in your individual system to support for your ongoing operations, we are always on hand to help you handle the SIMStation Software. This service offer is complemented by regular updates of the software to ensure that you are always up to date in terms of both functionality and security.

A Modular Software Solution

Simulation is as versatile as the health sector itself. Different institutions such as pre-hospital and clinical institutions, emergency services and nursing schools have different requirements and goals for their training. Depending on whether it is a complex OSCE training with several rooms or a mobile in-situ training with a small team, for example, the requirements for the software functionality vary. The SIMStation Software takes this diversity into account through its modular design, which allows the software to be adapted to the specific needs of each user. The essential elements of video-based simulation training are supported as standard.

  • Administration: Organizational planning, time & user management
  • Scenario Planning & Preparation: Creation of scenario and media libraries
  • Recording & Transmission: Live control of all audio and video channels in the control area
  • Active Scenario Design: Live transmission of audio and other media files in the control area to the simulation area
  • Debriefing: Selection, presentation, and goal-oriented evaluation of the recording material
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A Selection of Software Functions

Recording & Control Functions

  • easy control of camera recordings/transmission and stream layouts
  • separate recording of up to 9 video streams in HD quality
  • separate recording of multiple audio channels in high quality
  • separate display/transmission & selective control of channels
  • recording/transmission of multiple rooms in a single scenario
  • adding of annotations and checklist entries (as bookmarks)
  • live transmission of all/selected audio & video channels for an audience
  • a general transmission delay of less than 0.5 seconds
  • transmission of audio, monitor & other media data (to the simulation area and/or the transmission room)
One-Screen Applikation

Debriefing Functions

  • controlled AV playback via projector, monitor or TV
  • control of playback via the SIMStation Remote Tablet (as remote control)
  • free choice of format (full screen or split screen) – easy to select via the SIMStation Remote Tablet
  • selective forward & rewind, play/pause transmission
  • jump directly to annotations and checklist entries
  • adding further/editing existing annotations during debriefing
  • media import during debriefing (various file formats)

Administrative Functions

  • event management: creation of dates and time sequences by means of calendar input mask
  • user management: quick creation of sub. user accounts with specially defined accesses and rights
  • design management: creation of simulation scenarios including listing of participants, sequences and media used
  • video archiving: save & retrieve videos, comments, participant lists, etc.
  • data export: on a single MP4 file or as separate audio and video files; all annotations as Excel list
  • exported files are compatible with all common platforms and systems