Fit for the Ward – Simulation Training at Pflege Campus Kufstein

In nursing education, a significant challenge arises: How can we provide students with a smooth transition into the practical daily routine of a hospital ward? This challenge is of paramount importance, as it concerns the safety of both patients and personnel. The Pflege Campus Kufstein has taken on this task with video-supported simulation, aiming to enhance the students' learning experience and make their transition into healthcare practice more effective.

From Theory to Practice in Nursing Education

Traditional teaching methods in the nursing field often struggle to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application. Transitioning into the clinical setting often feels like a leap into the unknown for students. To address this challenge, the Pflege Campus Kufstein opened the new KUFSIM Simulation Center in 2022. As part of the curriculum, students are offered simulation training, including the mandatory course "Fit for the Ward." The course name is indicative of its purpose. Step by step, students are introduced to the specific tasks of real-world nursing practice, preparing them for the practical demands of their profession upon completion of their education.

An outstanding feature of these simulation trainings is the diversity of participant groups: not only students, but also practicing physicians, as well as experienced healthcare and nursing professionals, take part. This interprofessional training approach offers numerous long-term benefits: students gain valuable insights and practice in essential skills, while also establishing initial connections with their future colleagues in the simulation center. It not only lays the groundwork for practical workflow, but also for future collaborative efforts. Simulation training encompasses individual development as well as team building.

Video-Supported Simulation: Recording, Controlling, Debriefing

For simulation, the same principles apply as for any demanding training: good results require good equipment. That's why at KUFSIM, the decision was made to utilize video-supported simulation to optimize training outcomes and enhance learning effects during simulation sessions. The choice fell on a SIMStation Pro; a recording and debriefing system that supports trainers and students in reviewing and validating training sessions.

The SIMStation Pro is equipped with high-quality audio and video equipment that broadcasts all activities in the simulation room in real-time to trainers in a separate control room. This remote observation capability allows trainers to closely monitor, control, annotate, and assess the simulation without needing to be physically present in the simulation area. Distractions in the simulation room are thus minimized, ensuring a focused and immersive learning experience for training participants.

In addition to the live transmission, the simulation training is also recorded. These training recordings – captured from multiple perspectives and via several audio channels – form the basis for subsequent video debriefing. In this crucial phase, trainers and participants analyze the training events with the video material; important processes, decisions, and interactions can be examined from various viewpoints.

Video debriefing provides a unique opportunity for professional growth and competence development. Participants have the chance to evaluate their actions from an external perspective and gain valuable insights from both trainers and colleagues. This not only fosters individual learning but also promotes the exchange of feedback and experiences among team members. It is through video debriefing that the singular simulation experience transforms into lasting insights.

The SIMStation Pro: A Versatile Recording and Debriefing Solution

An outstanding, hitherto unmentioned feature of the SIMStation Pro is its mobility. With just a few simple adjustments, the entire system can be set up and dismantled, allowing it to be utilized in various rooms within the simulation center and adapted to a multitude of scenarios and learning objectives. This flexibility ensures that the diverse learning goals and simulation requirements of the Pflege Campus Kufstein can be effectively addressed.

But it doesn't stop there: The system's flexibility extends even beyond the campus boundaries. The SIMStation Pro can also be transported to neighboring district hospitals in specially designed cases to conduct video-supported in-situ simulations with clinical professionals on-site. This represents another crucial step in bridging the gap between education and healthcare practice.

"With SIMStation Pro Gen2, we found the ideal product for conducting training in the simulation center as well as in-situ training."

Testimonial PORT Pflege Campus Kufstein Markus Zott
Markus Zott
Nursing-Pedagogical Management Simulation Center KUFSIM

SIMStation Pro: An Enrichment for Students, Instructors, and Professionals

Improved Training

The SIMStation Pro facilitates enhanced training outcomes through comprehensive video debriefing sessions, allowing students to critically review their actions and benefit from feedback from instructors and peers.

Flexible Application

The SIMStation Pro is a versatile system that can be used both on-campus, providing mobility within the training center, and for in-situ simulation in the district hospital, thus covering various learning environments and scenarios.

Bridging the Gap

The SIMStation Pro supports the campus's aim to bridge the gap between theory and practice in education, as well as between students and professionals, by enabling high-quality simulation and video debriefing.

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