Annotations: Or How to Make the Most Out of Your Video Debriefing

In this blog, we unveil the transformative power of annotations in video-supported simulations. Learn how this effective tool can help structure, analyze, and optimize your simulation training, while also facilitating the video debriefing process and enhancing the effectiveness of your training sessions.

Video-supported simulation has revolutionized the way instructors and learners achieve their learning goals. Recording training events in high-quality video and audio formats allows them to review and analyze these events from various perspectives during video debriefing sessions. This proven and particularly visual method promotes (self-)reflection and thus long-term learning success.

To effectively conduct video debriefing and maintain the attention of debriefing participants, the video debriefing should primarily focus on relevant, discussable training events – that is, negative, critical, but also positive actions of the participants. It is crucial to be able to quickly and easily locate the relevant video passages for this purpose. And that's where annotations come into play.


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What Are Annotations?

Every serious simulation requires an outside perspective. While simulation participants go through the scenario in the simulator, they are observed by external instructors. One of the most essential tasks of these instructors is to analyze the events from their meta-position. They do this by identifying, marking, and commenting on noteworthy events in the simulator. This activity is called annotation work.

In video-supported simulations, annotations are made directly in the recording software. Through this direct integration, the annotations are automatically assigned to the corresponding time in the video material. This enables a precise debriefing and detailed analysis of the simulated scenario, as instructors can refer their observations and comments directly to the relevant events in the video.

SIMStation Software: Annotations During Recording

The SIMStation Software ensures seamless integration of annotations into the recording process. To make the important annotation work as precise, simple, and efficient as possible, the SIMStation Software offers intuitive tools and a clear user interface. The user interface can be customized by the users themselves to their individual requirements.


Annotation Management

A intuitive tool panel provides a central location for easily creating, editing, and organizing all your annotations during the recording process, ensuring streamlined workflow.

Improve Your Teamwork

In SIMStation Software, all individuals with a control device can simultaneously add annotations during training. Annotations from each user are color-coded to enhance clarity.

Customizable Icon Sets

Various self-explanatory icons represent events that you can add as annotations with a single click. Customize your set in advance to ensure you have the right icons at hand for each scenario.

Annotation Favorites

Mark your favorite annotations during recording for highlighting of important events. This feature enables you to locate these annotations even quicker and easier during the debriefing.

SIMStation Software: Annotations During Debriefing

The annotations made during the recording form the backbone of the debriefings and provide a detailed breakdown of the key moments, enabling targeted feedback. Let's explore some of the key advantages that annotations with the SIMStation Software bring to the debriefing process.


Enhanced Accessibility

Find all your training annotations in chronological order within the debriefing app, and optionally filter them by users or your marked favorites.

Only Tablet Visibility

Annotations are exclusively visible on the moderator's SIMStation Remote Tablet, effectively focusing participants' attention on the video streams without distractions.

Bookmark Navigation

Utilize annotations as navigational aids, allowing quick jumps to relevant points in the video material, enhancing efficiency during debriefing sessions.

Maximized Understanding

Benefit from a 15-second video lead time preceding each annotated event, facilitating a thorough understanding and analysis of the highlighted moments in the simulation.

All these annotation features in the SIMStation Software enable effective and learning-oriented analysis of your simulation during both training and video debriefing. The easy marking and retrieval of important training moments promote greater learning success and improve the overall quality of training sessions.

If you'd like to learn more about the annotations tool or other features of SIMStation Software, please feel free to contact us for an online demonstration. Experience firsthand how SIMStation can help you take your simulations to the next level and make training more efficient and effective.

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