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Steven Matthews
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We are excited to announce the founding of our new company branch in the United States! As a global company, we are constantly seeking opportunities to expand our presence and better serve our customers. The establishment of SIMStation Inc. is a crucial step towards achieving this goal.

Our new company branch will be located in Florida; a strategic location, allowing us to easily access the US market and collaborate with local partners. We have assembled a talented team of professionals who are dedicated to delivering the highest quality products and services to our US customers.

The decision to establish a US subsidiary was made after extensive research and analysis of the market, regulatory environment, and customer needs. We are confident that this move will enable us to better understand and meet the unique needs of the US market.

Our company is fully committed to establishing a robust and enduring presence in the United States. We are eager to collaborate closely with our valued customers and partners, as we work towards building a strong and sustainable business in this important market. We are grateful for your continued trust as we embark on this exciting new chapter in our company's history.

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