Clinical Simulation

Process Optimization in Clinical Workflow

Work in everyday clinical life requires the interaction of many different factors. Division of labor and the specific clinical working conditions demand perfect cooperation between the medical professionals. Thus, good teamwork, coordinated work processes and functioning communication are crucial for success.

To be able to guarantee this, constant professional development as well as regular teaching and training are essential. Professional simulations have therefore become an important part of clinical medicine. They enable constant process optimization in the clinical workflow.

Clinical simulations allow complex processes and communication protocols to be trained in the clinical environment under controlled conditions. This enables medical teams to practice, automate and improve complex procedures.

By preparing medical staff for critical real-life emergencies, simulations can make a valuable contribution to the quality and safety of patient care. For this reason, medical simulations have been part of the indispensable repertoire in clinical education and training for many years.


Clinical AV Supported Simulation

A decisive parameter for everyday clinical work results from the clinical premises. The respective treatment room already defines many procedures of the medical staff through its architectural and infrastructural conditions. Therefore, it is also crucial for realistic training conditions that the professional simulations are carried out in the clinical premises on site.

Such practice-oriented simulations in realistic surroundings are generally referred to as in-situ simulations. This type of medical simulation implies special challenges with regard to the AV installations used, especially since the technical setup usually has to be integrated into the clinical space afterwards. SIMStation provides convincing solutions for the demands of professional in-situ simulations, especially through its mobile product lines - the SIMStation Essential and the SIMStation Pro.

The mobile character of these product lines and, above all, the possibilities of the flexible setup make it possible to adapt the technical AV equipment exactly to the spatial conditions. In combination with the high-end quality of the hardware components, this creates the prerequisites for a complete insight and overview of the scenario while maintaining an absolutely realistic simulation setting.

The clinical simulation room is complemented by separate control and debriefing units that enable targeted control, transmission and evaluation of the simulation data. Thus, all prerequisites for process optimization through clinical simulation are fulfilled. This convincing functionality makes the SIMStation mobile product lines the perfect choice for clinical simulation conditions; especially as the transportable character supports not only a fast but also a spatially flexible setup.

Related Products

SIMStation Pro


  • A simulation center in transport boxes with simple, fast set-up options

  • A functionally powerful overall system that is highly scalable if desired

  • Suitable for mobile simulation, but can also be implemented as a fixed installation

  • Easy handling, intuitive operation, professional results

SIMStation Essential


  • An ultra-compact system with full recording and debriefing functionality

  • Perfect for flexible simulation training with simple set-up and small teams

  • A highly mobile system thanks to handy wheeled cases, ready for immediate use

  • Operated with a customized software package – expandable on request

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