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Medical simulations are an extremely effective method of ensuring controlled and normalized teaching and training conditions in the academic field. Professional simulations allow students to take the important step from theoretical knowledge to practical application in a safe atmosphere, thus gaining important experiences and skills that they urgently need in medical practice. At the same time, simulations enable teachers and trainers to accompany, monitor and evaluate this crucial training process at all times.

As a structural link between medical studies and professional practice, medical simulations have become an indispensable part of academic education. They represent an essential contribution to maintain and improve medical training and quality assurance. Especially within the framework of standardized OSCE, OSPE and EPA procedures, multiple simulation scenarios - i.e. simultaneous simulations in several rooms and with several participants - have become the academic standard.

Academic examinations & assessments take an exceptional role in the field of medical simulation. Both in terms of structure, logistics and technical factors, academic conditions pose an immense challenge to professional simulation systems. This is mainly because - compared to mostly singular simulation scenarios in the preclinical and clinical work area - academic simulation arrangements such as OSCE or OSPE include many simultaneous processes, flexible simulation arrangements and a very large number of participants.

Despite these complicating factors absolute plannability, control and traceability of the simulation processes must of course be ensured at all times. For good reason, therefore, the use of software-supported assessment procedures was decidedly supported and promoted in the major Ottawa Conference in 2010. To the point: Innovative technology should and must facilitate and optimize academic examination and assessment procedures - especially in the area of professional simulation.


AV Solutions for Learn & Training Centers

With SIMStation Enterprise, SIMStation provides a revolutionary product line that takes up this necessary approach to innovation and realizes it in an optimal form for academic learning and training centers. SIMStation Enterprise is not a ready-made product, but a flexible system idea that can be fully adapted to the respective requirements of academic operations. As a comprehensive AV system solution, SIMStation Enterprise supports the planning and implementation of complex and multiple simulation scenarios and at the same time enables complete measurement and traceability of all processes.

The systemic principle behind this is a compositional one: depending on requirements and needs, a wide variety of simulation units - training, control, transmission and debriefing rooms - are equipped with the necessary hardware equipment and interconnected by means of intelligent network technology. The modular design of the SIMStation Enterprise thereby not only allows for an almost unlimited number of simulation units and technical components, but also supports any future strategic development of the respective learning and training center through variable compatibility. SIMStation Enterprise is an AV solution that grows with the objectives and plans of the users.

All parts of the simulation system are controlled by the SIMStation software. As a functional supplement to the premium hardware, this software allows the targeted recording, control & transmission as well as access & storage of all simulation data. This ensures full transparency and controlled evaluation of the simulation process at all times. In addition, the software supports the administration of all organizational processes through numerous additional functions such as automated ID registration, event planning and simulation design.

As a flexibly configurable combination of hardware, software and smart networking, the SIMStation Enterprise covers all relevant processes in academic simulation operations, from planning, execution to archiving. The smart AV system design supports a completely authentic simulation setting and guarantees perfect insight, control and traceability. Thanks to the technical professionalization, the number of events and participants can be expanded, and personnel and organizational costs reduced at the same time. These are all compelling reasons why the SIMStation Enterprise has established itself as the most convincing All-in-One solution in academic learn & training centers worldwide.

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SIMStation Enterprise


  • The ultimate AV system for all simulation, training & learning centres

  • A server-based solution with freely configurable, modular principle

  • Free number of simulation, control, transmission & debriefing units

  • Can be equipped with an unlimited number of audio & video devices, computers & tablets

SIMStation Pro


  • A simulation center in transport boxes with simple, fast set-up options

  • A functionally powerful overall system that is highly scalable if desired

  • Suitable for mobile simulation, but can also be implemented as a fixed installation

  • Easy handling, intuitive operation, professional results

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