Better Simulation. Full Service.

Our Mission

Better Simulation. Our claim is our mission. As a company and as a team, we are proud to offer our premium AV simulation systems to customers around the world. As an One-Stop-Provider we realize optimal simulation conditions in professional learning & training centers. The primary field of application for SIMStation´s solutions ranges from medicine & research to disaster control & OSCE examinations, with further applications already being planned.

The declared aim of our work is clear: to enable easy process optimizations as well as controlled learning & training environments through high-end simulation systems; and thus subsequently create perfect conditions for establishing high safety & quality standards in the respective areas of application.

The associated demands have made us grow steadily - both in terms of our offer as well as our team. The diverse requirements of professional simulations - from singular individual trainings, mobile application possibilities to more complex team trainings and OSCE examinations - have shown us that functioning simulation systems must always be individual solutions; as individual as the respective prerequisites, needs and objectives of the users. Therefore an added value of professional AV simulation systems is given when all technical, structural and personnel circumstances are taken into account. The concrete solution must adapt to the users and not vice versa.

Convincing solutions must be customized – especially in the field of professional AV simulation!


Our Approach

Complex AV simulation systems require a close interaction of numerous factors. From optical & acoustic parameters to transmission technology & network structures to structural & architectural conditions, many aspects must be taken into account.

Due to this fact, SIMStation brings together a versatile team of employees: with many years of experience and expertise in a wide range of disciplines. The SIMStation team includes hardware specialists, software developers, network engineers, as well as medical professionals, process consultants and architects - to name just a few departments.

This living diversity allows us to offer our customers a full service in the field of professional simulation; a full service that is characterized by the same qualities as our proven AV simulation solutions: multi-perspectivity, functionality, unity.

This enables us to accompany our customers on every single step of their individual AV simulation system - from consulting, planning & development to integration, training & support. SIMStation stands not only for short-term success, but also for long-term partnership.

SIMStation: Your Reliable Partner for One-Stop-Solutions.

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