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Challenges of Preclinical Medicine

Preclinical medicine refers to the professional care of a patient before the arrival at a hospital or other stationary medical facilities. Preclinical medicine thus encompasses both the arrival at an accident site, initial medical care and transport to clinical care locations.

From a medical point of view, all these moments have something in common: they are mostly very critical moments in which medical staff have to make quick and important decisions for the patient's health. To make matters worse, medical care must usually be mobile and takes place in uncontrolled environments and under circumstances that are difficult to predict in advance.

Mobility, urgency and variable contexts - these factors not only complicate the everyday practice of preclinical medicine, they also complicate related medical education and targeted training for such emergencies.

How can uncontrolled conditions be trained under controlled learning circumstances? Or, to put it another way: How do you prepare trainees for an emergency when its circumstances cannot be foreseen? SIMStation provides an extremely practical approach to this acute problem: through the use of ultra-mobile and most flexible AV simulation systems.


SIMStation: Mobile Simulation Solutions

As an ultra-mobile AV system, the SIMStation Essential enables the professional design and execution of preclinical in-situ and pop-up simulations.

The freely movable video and audio devices can be installed and used quickly in just a few steps. Despite this flexible ultra-mobility, the devices impress with their high-end-quality and, in combination with a SIMStation laptop, support separate simulation, control and debriefing units to be set up.

With a total weight of only 22 kg, the SIMStation Essential can be transported in just one case, making it the perfect companion for preclinical simulations. Thanks to its compatibility, it is also easily expandable to the SIMStation Essential Plus.

Designed specifically for mobile use, the SIMStation Pro also allows technically more demanding simulation scenarios.

Thanks to mobile transport boxes and clear cabling, the system can also be set up quickly and easily at the desired location. Perfect conditions for performing in-situ simulations under absolutely realistic conditions. The individual simulation units can also be installed in separate rooms.

In principle, the modular character of the SIMStation Pro allows a combination with an unlimited number of hardware devices and add-ons. In this way, a most complex, individually definable system can be realized for mobile simulation.

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SIMStation Essential

The new generation of the ultra-compact recording and debriefing system

  • Ultra-compact: a complete, ready-to-use recording and debriefing system for medical simulation

  • Well-balanced: High-end hardware, functional software package and smart network technology

  • Flexible: both ultra-mobile in-situ applications and fixed installations can be easily implemented

  • User-friendly: very fast system setup, absolutely intuitive handling and numerous application possibilities

SIMStation Pro

The most comprehensive transportable AV system for simulation on the market

  • Plug & Simulate: a complete AV system consisting of premium hardware & perfectly matched software

  • Flexible: suitable for in-situ simulations as well as for preclinical, clinical & educational application

  • Mobile: a minimum of cabling, portable transport boxes and easy, quick setup possibilities

  • Impressing: a combination of simple handling, intuitive operability & convincing results

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