AV Simulation Training at Ospidal Scuol

The smart interaction of CRM (=crew resource management) and video-supported simulation systems provides realistic training and further education possibilities for all staff in the Swiss hospital "Ospidal Scuol". The resulting optimization of work processes and team structures enables thereby a significant increase in patient safety.

Crew Resource Management & AV Simulation Systems

The processes in a hospital primarily take the form of a close cooperation - of the most diverse employees and departments. Successful medical treatment and thus the safety and health of patients depend essentially on the efficiency of this cooperation. This requires above all clear structures, defined workflows and functioning communication. These factors determine the processes in a hospital and can thus also have a great influence on employee satisfaction. And all of this in turn has - of course! - a significant impact on the quality of patient care.

CRM - Crew Resource Management - therefore offers hospitals, in the form of individual simulation training, the possibility of transparently revealing many processes and procedures in everyday medical work and subsequently optimizing them. Authentic scenarios are used to simulate clinical and preclinical situations in a realistic treatment environment. In these so-called in-situ simulations, specific deficits and potential for improvement in the treatment process can be shown and the staff can thus be prepared for emergency situations in an absolutely controlled setting.

Use Case "Ospidal Scuol"

The SIMStation AV system used in the Swiss hospital "Ospidal Scuol" illustrates - as the following video impressingly shows - that innovative technology is an extremely useful and complementary addition to CRM training. The hardware components and software functions offered by SIMStation provide the possibility to systematically record and transmit the CRM simulation trainings.

The high video and audio quality enables to completely overview, discuss and evaluate all the processes of the simulation scenario in the context of a subsequent debriefing. Furthermore, with the help of the equipment installed - such as the patient monitor capture device - scenarios can be customized to the intended objectives and specific learning content.

The SIMStation Pro Solution

The SIMStation Pro product line, which is used for this training, is characterized above all by its mobility. Perfectly suited for in-situ simulations, it can be quickly and easily adapted to all clinical premises. Simulation scenarios can thus be designed flexibly, carried out at extremely short notice and all departments can thereby be involved. This is additionally supported by intensive training of staff in its application - to enable the use of the SIMStation Pro completely autonomously even without much technical know-how.

The director of the "Ospidal Scuol", Dr. Joachim Koppenberg concludes therefore: "Both the CRM seminars and the simulation trainings carried out at the respective treatment site has strengthened the bond of our already good team and led to significant improvements in the daily teamwork. Applied elements of CRM now allow the team to provide even better patient care together in complex treatment situations. The investment in the trainings has paid off by far and we will conduct such trainings regularly throughout our hospital."

CRM and Simulation Training at Scuol

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