Pomeranian University in Słupsk

Professional simulations have a long tradition in academic education. Thanks to SIMStation's AV solutions, these simulations have reached a completely new level of quality. Our distributor SIMEDU could successfully convince the Pomeranian University in Słupsk of this. With a completely customized SIMStation Enterprise, entirely new standards in medical education could be set there.

Simulation in Academic Education

Pomeranian University in Słupsk is a state school of higher education with an over 50-year long tradition. It was founded in 1969 as Teacher’s College, later turned into Higher Pedagogical School, only to become modern Pomeranian University, offering Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral degree courses in a variety of fields. The University plays an important role in the region, being an essential catalyst for higher education, research facilities and business innovation.

The University comprises highly qualified lecturing staff and well-equipped specialist and computer laboratories. Besides the studies of humanities, social sciences, engineering and technical sciences, as well as natural sciences, the Pomeranian University focusses the aim of research to the fields of medical and health science. The latter comprises the fields of clinical medicine, nursing and caretaking but also medical rescue and public health. The respective research teams take part in a variety of national and international projects.

In order to professionalize the education offered, the help of simulations was used very early on - especially in the area of medical training. The possibility of vivid and practice-oriented training became the norm and enabled the successive increase of the associated safety and quality standards. The next, obvious step was to further improve, to optimize the existing range of simulations through innovative AV technology.

After extensive negotiations - also with other suppliers in the field of AV simulation technology - our distributor SIMEDU succeeded in convincing the Pomeranian University of our offer. Above all, the combination of high-end technology, functional software and customized simulation system proved to be the decisive factor. After an intensive consultation and planning phase, a specially assembled SIMStation system was installed, which includes dedicated simulation and control rooms as well as separate debriefing rooms.

Facts & Figures

The AV simulation solution consists of a customized SIMStation Enterprise, implemented without OSCE equipment and with its own server rack (2in1 video & audio mini-server). The implemented system runs completely web-based and includes a number of simulation, control and debriefing rooms.

Simulation Rooms (2 in total)

In the simulation rooms (the simulation of an ambulance vehicle and an operating room) a total of 7 cameras, 3 microphones, 3 loudspeakers, 2 Patient-Monitor Capture-Devices and 1 SIMStation Media-Player PC (All-in-One) were installed.

Inside the vehicle: 2 cameras, 1 microphone, 1 loudspeaker
Outside the vehicle: 2 cameras, 1 microphone, 1 loudspeaker and 1 Patient-Monitor Capture-Device

In the Operating Room, 3 cameras, 1 microphone, 1 speaker and 1 Patient-Monitor Capture-Device were installed. The separate SIMStation Media-Player PC was set up as O.F.E. by the customer.

Control Station (2 in total)

For each control room, 1 SIMStation Control PC (All-in-One), 1 push-to-talk microphone, 1 pair of loudspeakers and 1 SIMStation AV rack were installed. The SIMStation server is also located in the control room for ambulance simulation.

Debriefing Room (2 in total)

The basic equipment per debriefing room is 1 SIMStation Debriefing Mini-PC and 1 SIMStation Remote Tablet. In the ambulance debriefing room, an access point was also integrated. In the OR debriefing room, a pair of speakers and an HDMI output to a possible O.F.E. screen from the debriefing PC were installed.

With the open design and individual equipment of the SIMStation Enterprise, the teaching goals and training successes of the Pomeranian University could be completely fulfilled. Thanks to the compatibility of the system, further developments and future expansion of the system are easily possible.

SIMStation Distributor


Our mission
“Medical education based on simulator training can successfully compete with clinical education in terms of teaching and learning medical skills. Having practised on simulators, medical students and doctors are better prepared to work in hospitals or other medical centres. And better-qualified medical personnel means a higher quality of medical care for patients. And this is something we care about the most.”
Natalia Przybylska, CEO Simedu

Simedu delivers low, medium and high accuracy simulators for medical simulation centres, medical universities, state higher vocational schools, medical rescue services, and hospitals.
Our goal is to support Polish medical professionals with superior, world-class solutions. We make sure the products we deliver meet the highest standards. Not only do we guarantee excellent quality, but also provide the largest range of medical simulation products in Poland.
As our Customer, you can count on us at any time. We not only supply equipment, but also provide maintenance and training services.


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“The best audio-video product for debriefing ever. I know, that it sounds like phrase for advertisement, but in our Simulation Center we have two others debriefing systems and SIMStation is our favorite. Why? Its very simply to use, fast and works stable. One button pressed and it’s ready to use, you don’t need to wait long or set same parameter.
A few words about our Simulation Center: We are in Słupsk in Poland and we train nurses, paramedics, and physiotherapist. The Simulation Center started in 2019 and it is part of Pomeranian University in Slupsk.”

Mcs Blazej Andrejanczyk
Lecturer in Paramedics
Pomeranian University in Słupsk

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