Direct Customer Care and Cutting-edge Training Hub for US Market

Miami, 5th December 2023SIMStation, a distinguished AV simulation solutions provider, marks a significant milestone in its journey, operating since 2011 with a global presence. The company inaugurates a new Miami headquarters, solidifying its commitment to serving the North American market. The decision to leverage the expertise gathered over the past 12 years to benefit American healthcare represents a momentous step towards enhancing patient safety and medical excellence.

Founded in 2011 as a joint venture between two Vienna-based service companies with two decades of multimedia software and broadcast technology experience, SIMStation emerged as a pioneer. The company focuses on innovative AV solutions with user-friendly software, simplifying simulation training.

“Our European customers’ trust and high standards have helped us reach a level that now also captivates American customers. To continue meeting or exceeding expectations in both Europe and America, and to provide optimal support to both locations, we have established our own organization in the USA. Our American customers can expect direct customer care and a top-notch training center.”


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Joachim Hilbrand
CEO SIMStation

What benefits does SIMStation offer the US market? It's the scalability of the product range, accommodating a spectrum of needs, from portable systems ideal for In-Situ simulations to permanent installations in extensive simulation centers. In addition, the unwavering commitment to reliability drives the team to design recording and debriefing systems that function seamlessly.

The decision to establish the Miami headquarters is driven by the need to effectively meet robust demand and provide top-notch service to the increasing number of US customers. Beyond housing production facilities and a service center, this new location boasts a fully equipped training center that will host monthly training sessions and product demonstrations. This training center is outfitted with cutting-edge AV technology to ensure customers have an immersive experience and can fully grasp the capabilities of SIMStation's product range.

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About SIMStation

Established in 2011, SIMStation specializes in creating, manufacturing, and delivering cutting-edge AV simulation systems customized for the healthcare industry. With a highly adaptable approach, SIMStation offers a broad range of AV systems that streamline the recording and video-based debriefing processes in simulation training. At SIMStation, our mission is to improve the quality of medical training and raise patient safety standards by prioritizing innovation and reliability. Their intuitive simulation solutions, developed by a team of more than 50 professionals, are currently utilized in simulation centers, universities, and medical facilities worldwide. Headquartered in Miami and Vienna, SIMStation is led by managing directors Joachim Hilbrand and Wolfgang Zimmermann.



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Raffaela Pillitsch
Head of Marketing
Email: r.pillitsch@simstation.com