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From Education to Professional Practice

The step from theory to practice can be a big one. Especially when it concerns such an extensive and complex field as medicine. What therefore is needed is a regulated transition from education to the professional practice of medical knowledge, a functioning transition from theoretical studies to actual work with patients.

Medical students need standardized training conditions for this in order to be able to apply their acquired theoretical knowledge in a safe and controlled environment. And at the same time, trainers must be able to overview and assess the learning development of students at all times and in every aspect. This is the only way to ensure high-quality training in the medical field - and, by extension, assured patient care. In this respect, simulations have already proven their worth in medical education.

Professional simulations offer students a realistic, clinical setting to test their skills, to develop solution strategies and important competences. Standardized exercises help students to gain valuable practical experience and learning success. Theoretical knowledge thus becomes vivid and - even more important - applicable.

In addition, teachers and trainers can observe and evaluate this simulated process. The students' progress becomes just as clear as any deficits. In this way, further learning content and teaching measures can be precisely tailored to the respective needs of the students. In this respect, simulation is an essential component for the professionalizing of medical education and thus for the maintaining and improving of medical quality and care standards.


From Simulation to AV Supported Simulation

Professional AV simulations take this proven teaching and training concept of medical simulations and raise it to a higher, more advanced level. AV simulations from SIMStation use for this a combination of premium equipment, innovative software packages and a customizable network structure. The specific AV simulation system adapts precisely to the goals and needs of the users. In this way, the adaptable product lines of SIMStation realize individual AV simulation solutions for the very specific requirements of medical education.

Perfect audiovisual transmission quality is guaranteed by the SIMStation high-end hardware. From high-quality cameras to high-quality microphones and loudspeakers, the SIMStation components can be freely selected and combined with each other. Innovative hardware technology allows the setup to remain in the background and thus not influence the realistic character of the simulation scenario. All the hardware is controlled by the user-friendly software, which supports both simple control and delay-free transmission of the components.

This simulation set-up is usefully complemented by powerful PCs, laptops and tablets that enable the design and creation of scenarios as well as the controlled execution and debriefing of simulations. The SIMStation concept thus realizes AV simulation systems that operate compactly and self-sufficiently through clever high-end technology. For this purpose, the respective AV solution comprises simulation, control, transmission and debriefing units; units that can be combined completely freely thanks to their modular character.

The advantages of the SIMStation concept are obvious: AV simulation scenarios can be individually designed and can be perfectly controlled and monitored thanks to the AV technology used. The realistic character is maintained at all times thanks to the innovative equipment. And furthermore, the easy recording provides the possibility to fully comprehend and evaluate the simulation training in real time, but also in retrospect. Perfect conditions for providing optimal teaching and learning conditions in the medical field.

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SIMStation Enterprise

The ultimate AV Solution for simulation in your university, education or training center.

  • A self-sufficient solution: the ultimate AV system for simulation & learning centers – centralized server and/or cloud based.

  • The modular principle: completely free configuration of infinite simulation, control, transmission & debriefing units

  • Can be equipped with an unlimited number of compatible audio & video devices, computers and tablets

  • The High-End-Technology: Full-HD video transmission and lossless & latency-free audio quality through Dante® technology

SIMStation Essential

The new generation of the ultra-compact recording and debriefing system

  • Ultra-compact: a complete, ready-to-use recording and debriefing system for medical simulation

  • Well-balanced: High-end hardware, functional software package and smart network technology

  • Flexible: both ultra-mobile in-situ applications and fixed installations can be easily implemented

  • User-friendly: very fast system setup, absolutely intuitive handling and numerous application possibilities

SIMStation Pro

The most comprehensive transportable AV system for simulation on the market

  • Plug & Simulate: a complete AV system consisting of premium hardware & perfectly matched software

  • Flexible: suitable for in-situ simulations as well as for preclinical, clinical & educational application

  • Mobile: a minimum of cabling, portable transport boxes and easy, quick setup possibilities

  • Impressing: a combination of simple handling, intuitive operability & convincing results

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