SIMStation Solutions

Discover the wide range of applications of our AV system solutions for video-based simulation training in healthcare. Our state-of-the-art technologies enable realistic simulations that provide hands-on education and training in clinical or pre-hospital settings, nursing, emergency services and much more. Improve your skills in a safe environment and use the potential of our AV systems to take your training to the next level. Learn more about the impressive benefits and immerse yourself in the world of video-based simulation training.

https://cms.simstation.comSolutions Kachel Preclinical Simulation

Preclinical Simulation

SIMStation: Designed for Professionals in Medicine, Paramedicine and Caretaking.

https://cms.simstation.comSolution Medical Education

Medical Education

SIMStation: For a Successful Transition from Education to Professional Practice.

https://cms.simstation.comSolution Kachel Clinical Simulation

Clinical Simulation

SIMStation: For Optimal Structures and Processes in the Clinical Workflow.

https://cms.simstation.comDoor Screen

Exams & Assessment

SIMStation: Designed for Controlled and Automated Examination & Evaluation Routines.

https://cms.simstation.comSolution Kachel Aid Organizations and Disaster Control

Aid Organizations & Disaster Control

SIMStation: Designed to Prepare for Emergencies & Extreme Situations.